Hydraulic Hammer Repairs and Rebuilds

Hammer repairs and rebuilds by UIT enable contractors and equipment rental companies throughout Southeast to continue serving their customers without downtimes and delays.


Some of the most common hammer symptoms and problems (link) can be diagnosed by you. When you hammer is not functioning properly, ship it to UIT where we will:

  • Inspect your hammer

  • Give you an evaluation and cost estimates

  • Repair the hammer

  • Test the hammer

  • Ship it back to you or make it ready for pick up


Depending on the hammer’s size, manufacturer and damage, UIT can have a quote within 48 to 72 hours. UIT maintains an inventory of or has ready access to leading hammer manufacturer parts. Some hammer parts must be ordered from overseas, increasing the repair time.


Throughout each stage of the repair process – intake, analysis, repair and completion – we keep you informed about the progress so that you can anticipate when the hammer will be returned to revenue service.

UIT services and repairs hydraulic hammers that are manufactured in the United States and overseas.  Our skilled and experienced technicians service the following hydraulic hammers:

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