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Hydraulic Hammer Repairs and Rebuilds

Universal Impact offers (4) locations to serve your hydraulic hammer repair needs: Hillsboro, TN; Jasper, GA; Arlington, TX; Greensboro, NC


Some of the most common hammer symptoms and problems (link) can be diagnosed by you. When your hammer is not functioning properly, ship it to Universal Impact where we will:

  • Inspect your hammer

  • Give you an evaluation and cost estimates

  • Repair the hammer

  • Test the hammer

  • Ship it back to you or make it ready for pick up


Universal Impact knows that downtime is money.  We strive to provide a prompt evaluation, cost estimate, and repair to get you operational quickly.


Throughout each stage of the repair process – intake, analysis, repair, and completion – we will keep you informed. We know that proper repair tracking is important so that you can get back to work.

Hydraulic Hammer.jpg

UIT services and repairs hydraulic hammers that are manufactured in the United States and overseas.  Our skilled and experienced technicians service the following hydraulic hammers:

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