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HD3700 Breaks Up To 10 Inches of Concrete

The Hurricane drop hammer HD3700 is a high-production, low-maintenance drop hammer for breaking concrete. Manufactured by Universal Impact Technologies, Inc., the HD3700 is easily connected to a skid steer or an excavator and efficiently breaks concrete in industrial tear-outs, as well as parking lots, curbs, roads, runways, aprons, and sidewalks up to 10 inches thick.


  • Easy Operation

  • Compact Design

  • Simple Hook Up

  • Low Maintenance

  • High Production

  • Low Investment


Reduced operator error and fatigue. Light weight making transport simple. Minimal wear items reduce downtime. Broad striking surface allows excellent area coverage and production. Lowest cost per yard ton figures attainable.


  • Highest impact-to-weight ratio in the industry.

  • The bolt-on-ground engagement end plate makes maintenance accessible and easy.

  • Low maintenance because there are no points, bushings, seals, or accumulators to replace.

Impact Energy Blow:                              3,700 Ft/Lbs/Class
Blows Per Minute:                                  30
Total Impact Energy (per minute):       112,000
Operating Weight:                                  2,200 lbs
Min. Oil Flow Demand:                          8 GPM
Min. Hydraulic Pressure:                       2,200 PSI
Operating Height (weight extended): 7′ 6″
Dimensions (HxWxD):                           5′ x 1’ 4″ x 1’ 6″

Breaks concrete thickness up to         10 inches

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