About Universal Impact Technologies

Universal Impact Technologies, Inc., was establishing in 1989 as a concrete breaker manufacturing company and a hydraulic hammer repair business. The company developed the PowerSledge, which is a large hammer mounted to the back of backhoe that swings and breaks concrete. In the late 1990s, UTI developed the first generation of the Hurricane, and fine-tuned the technology to create the current HD3700 and HD10000 models.


In 2020, the company was bought by two long-time equipment industry veterans, and became a Thunder Attachments company. The new owners retained the current employees and expanded the product lines and the company’s manufacturing service capabilities.


UIT’s manufacturing operations are supported by small businesses in the Jasper, GA, area, including machine shops, hydraulic hose vendors, parts suppliers, steel fabricators and an auto painting company. Its owners believe that a business like UIT not only provides meaningful jobs for its employees, but it is part of the entrepreneurial fabric of the local economy. We buy all of the services, materials and parts that we use to assemble the HD3700 and HD10000 from local businesses. They are our friends and neighbors. We value these types of relationships, which is reflected in the relationships that we also have with our customers.

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