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We are proud to announce our newest service location in Greensboro, NC.  Combined with our Georgia, Texas, and Tennessee location, we are uniquely positioned to provide the regional coverage that our customers have asked for.  Our goal is to provide unmatched levels of service and coverage that the hydraulic hammer industry is yet to experience.

All locations are equally equipped to support drop hammer, hydraulic hammer and hydraulic hammer repairs.  Call today or email us at to experience a new way of doing business.

Hurricane 3700
Hurricane on Pallet - Ready for Attachin






Concrete Hammering Solutions

The Hurricane drop hammer HD3700 and HD10000 by UIT are high-production and low-maintenance concrete drop-hammers. Easily connected to a skid steer or excavator, the HD3700 and HD10000 are low-vibration drop hammers that are simple to operate.

The HD3700 and HD10000 incorporate a number of innovative design features, including:

  • A skid system for easy maneuvering over flat surfaces.

  • The use of special steel alloys to provide extended service life in a high stress application where normal steels would fail prematurely.

  • A heavy-duty buffer system to absorb the impact of a miss-hit.

  • Minimal maintenance requirements, which can be simply carried out in the field with no special tools.



Operators are more comfortable and do not feel the vibrations normally associated with hydraulic hammers. The HD3700 and HD10000 have a dampening systems that isolate the hammer from the skids at the base of the hammer. The hammer’s force and vibrations are transferred into the ground to deliver a powerful and isolated impact.



By continually advancing the skid steer or small excavator, the operator has an unobstructed view of the hammer as it strikes the ground and can guide the machine in a straight line. The HD3700 and HD10000 can break up to 5,000 square feet per hour of concrete.



Two-position mounting bracket attaches to skid steers without obstructing the door. The HD3700 can be attached to a 2,300-pound capacity skid steer, and the HD1000 to a 3,500-pound capacity skid steer.



The HD3700 and HD1000 have the highest impact-to-weight ratio of any equipment in their class.

  • The HD3700 delivers 112,000-foot pounds of pulverizing force at 30 blows per minute, and will effectively break up non-reinforced concrete up to 10 inches thick.

  • The HD10000 delivers 250,000-foot pounds of force at 30 blows per minutes, and will break up non-reinforced concrete up to 32 inches thick.



Where traditional hydraulic hammers chip and crack concrete into various sized chunks, the HD3700 and HD10000 Hurricane drop hammers pulverize the concrete from top to bottom, breaking it into small pieces. When scooping up the hammered concrete debris, the pieces take up less room in a dump truck than hydraulic hammer chunks, enabling operators to load more volume.



There are only three moving parts on the drop hammers – an industrial-strength drive chain and two steel spindles which significantly reduce maintenance costs and down time. The hydraulically driven chain lifts the steel hammer which drops to the ground and crushes the concrete. There are no bushings, accumulators, expensive seals and points to wear out or replace.